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U.S. Cooler Walk-in Cooler With Floor

and 1/2 HP penthouse indoor refrigeration system

6' X 8' X 7' 6" Nominal

(5' 10 1/2" X 7' 10" X 7' 6" Actual)

U.S. Cooler manufactures Premium Quality Walk-ins at Very Reasonable prices.

All walk-ins are sold through U.S. Cooler authorized dealers.

This walk-in comes with a 1/2 HP penthouse indoor refrigeration system. Penthouse Systems provide two great advantages. First it comes with a condensate evaporator and does not require the installation of an evaporator condensate line. Second, and probably the most important advantage, is that there is not an evaporator coil hanging inside the walk in to hit your head on, or come in the way of shelving and take up precious storage space inside the walk in. This system is a little higher in cost but the advantages probably make it a better value.

System comes with a condensing unit, evaporator unit, and associated parts installed on a plug. This unit is pre-charged and ready to be set in the refrigeration cut out on top of the walk in. This refrigeration system rates a 1 on a scale of 5 with 5 being the hardest most technical to install and 1 being the easiest. This refrigeration system must be installed by a licensed refrigeration technician. Our US Cooler Discount Dealers can assist you with this installation.

Refrigeration unit includes a 1-year parts and labor warranty. Walk-in panels include a 10-year repair or replace parts only warranty. All other parts carry a standard 1-year parts warranty.

Refrigeration system is designed to hold product at 35 degrees Fahrenheit with product entering at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

This indoor walk-in cooler requires a minimum of 4,077 BTUs. Details.

Estimated Shipping Weight: 1353 lbs.

When your walk-in is shipped, you will receive an email with the delivery company’s name and your PRO number. For exact delivery date, please contact the delivery company. The complete system comes delivered on a pallet banded and wrapped for further protection. A forklift will be needed to unload unit or the unit can be unpacked and unloaded panel by panel off the pallet while it is still on the truck. Two or three people will need to be available to receive delivery if this choice is chosen. You may be charged a surcharge if it takes too long to unload the truck. Additional freight will be charged for lift gate, residential deliveries and limited access.

  • PANELS - Wall and ceiling panels are constructed with tongue and groove 2 1/2 lb extruded polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two sheets of 26-gauge stucco embossed galvalume steel. Each panel comes equipped with cam action locking devices and double barrel vinyl gasket to allow easy assembly of walk-in in the field.

  • FLOOR - Floor panels consist of extruded high-density polystyrene foam insulation sandwiched between stucco embossed 26 gauge galvalume outside and 22-gauge stainless steel inside. Floor meets NSF listing and comes with cam-action locking devices for easy installation.

  • DOOR - 34” x 76” flush-mount cooler door is manufactured with foamed in place polyurethane insulation encapsulated between sheets of embossed 26 gauge stucco embossed galvalume steel. Door is right hand hinged and includes lever action handle, light, hinges, cam-locks, door closure, lighted switch and vapor-proof light fixture.

  • REFRIGERATION - Penthouse Pro 3 refrigeration system, self contained, med temp, 1 phase, 1/2 HP, hermetic, 115 volt. Includes: condensing unit, evaporator, thermostatic expansion valve, thermostat, low pressure control, refrigerant - R404A. Unit fits in a 25" x 25" ceiling panel opening:(Refrigeration is based on an altitude of 5000 feet or less)

Customer assumes responsibility in assuring products purchased meet local, state, and federal regulations and building codes.

Internet cancellations are subject to a 3% credit card return fee, refrigeration restocking fees and any other fees incurred by U.S. Cooler. Call your dealer with questions before making purchases.

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  Estimated ship in 10 business days

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